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Dry Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Company

The Perfect Solution Dry Carpet Cleaning, Inc. in Roswell, GA provides dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning throughout the greater Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Buckhead and Sandy Springs. We make it part of our policy and business ethics that our staff never stops learning about the latest in carpet cleaning services. If there is a new development in the carpet cleaning industry, we want to make sure that our clients can depend on us to make that development available to them.

Why Dry Carpet Cleaning ?– A Comparison

We don't expect consumers to know why dry cleaning carpets is better. The professionals at The The Perfect Solution Dry Carpet Cleaning, Inc. explain in details with side by side comparison of these methods.

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction/ Bonnet (Chem-Dry)

  • Does not lift pile (in one step).
  • Wetting, over wetting raises a number of problems.
  • Spots, stains or dirty areas wick back after cleaning.
  • Cleaning solution often removed too quickly.
  • Detergent residue cause faster re-soiling.
  • Carpet can take 6 to 24 hours or more to dry.
  • Rooms out of use until dry.
  • May require fans/ dehumidifiers to speed up drying.
  • Wet carpet may add unwanted humidity.
  • High moisture increases mold and mildew.
  • High moisture can cause shrinkage and split seams.
  • Chemicals can be eye and skin irritant.
  • Not recommended for use on silk, wool, oriental rugs or other natural fibers.

HOST Dry Extraction

  • Deep cleans lifts / grooms matted pile in one step.
  • Absolutely no water used.
  • No wick back of spots, stains or dirty areas.
  • HOST cleaning sponges brushed into and left in carpet long enough to actually clean it.
  • Leaves no sticky residue to cause re-soiling.
  • Never any wet carpet.
  • Rooms back in use immediately after cleaning.
  • No increased humidity from cleaning.
  • No need for furniture protectors.
  • Mold, mildew, dust mites & other allergens removed (75 – 80% in one cleaning)
  • No shrinkage and split seams.
  • HOST is all natural and safe for humans and pets.
  • Use of HOST cleaner is safe and approved for all types of carpets and rugs, including sea grass and sisals

Customer Testimonials

"Excellent from the time I called for a quote and availability to the actual cleaning itself. They were very willing to be flexible in terms of appointment times, which was essential this. I am planning to have them return in February to clean antique rugs. Thank you Angie's List for once again referring me to an excellent business."

-Lisa Dudley

"They did an excellent job cleaning my sectional sofa and leather chair. I have two small children so my furniture gets quite dirty. The fast drying solution is very helpful."

-Carole-Ann Padgett

"I called on Monday and he had an opening on Friday, so he told me that was fine. He told me they would arrive between noon and 1pm and they did. The carpets were cleaned - even spots that I had tried to remove were gone when they left! And everything smelled so nice and fresh without the wet carpets afterward...that was the best part."

-Stephanie Hubbell

"Mike's team was great. They did a thorough job and our carpets look better than we thought they could. The dry cleaning process works very well. We will definitely use them again."

-Doug Whitlock

"Mike and Chris came in and immediately started work on my very soiled family room and stairs carpeting. Mike moved furniture and the oriental rug that lays on top of my carpet. He cleaned the rug three times to get the stains out. When he finished he centered the oriental rug and moved the chairs in the position it should be. The room looked fabulous. I have never seen it so clean since I had it installed. Chris worked on the stairs. This carpeting is original to the home (20 years) -- it looks brand new. I was extremely impressed and very, very pleased with the overall job. I will recommend TPS to everyone I know."

-Alice Maple